The International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) recently shone the spotlight on one of its founding members, Natasha Wilson in its 2018 Spring Newsletter.  Wilson was one of the founding members of the ILCN, attending its initial organisational meeting at the Lincoln Institute in September 2014.  Recently, Wilson took the decision to step down as a member of the ILCN Steering Committee after serving on the platform for four years.

The ILCN is an international network that connect civic and private organisations and people across boundaries and around the world, to accelerate the protection and strength the management of land and natural resources.

Wilson is currently the Biodiversity Stewardship Advisor with the SANBI’s Biodiversity and Land Use Project, where she contributes to a programme of work that focuses on improving the management of land and natural resources in the landscape, to ensure that it is sustainable and enables priority biodiversity to persist in a healthy functioning state.  In her current role she has become an important conduit between South Africa’s national and provincial environmental departments and conservation-focussed NGOs across the country.  Wilson is also a key coordinator and facilitator for the country’s conservation community such as the Biodiversity Stewardship Technical Working Group as well as the annually held National Biodiversity Stewardship Conference, to mention a few.

The BLU project is implemented by SANBI, with funding from the Global Environment Facility through the United Nations Development Programme.

For more information on the Biodiversity Stewardship component of work that Natasha Wilson is leading on, please contact her on

Click here for more information on SANBI’s Biodiversity and Land Use Project: 

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