Discover the wonders of the Botanical Garden with a three-hour learning programme. Our knowledgeable AEOs (Assistant Education Officers) will help you discover the wonders of South African biodiversity.

Programmes are offered daily and cost R12 per learner. Teachers accompanying learners (1 teacher/20 learners) do not have to pay. Bookings need to be made at least two weeks in advance. A maximum of 60 learners per day can be accommodated.

Our programmes involve learning through fun and practical hands-on activities on caring about, appreciating and understanding the environment. Subjects come alive as learners apply classroom knowledge to real life. Please see menu below.



Grade 0 – R
1. Sensory activities Games and activities to encourage the use of senses. A variety of themes can be explored, eg. seasons, colours, plants, textures.
2. A garden is a place for… Learning experiences relating to plants in the Garden are presented through hands-on activities.
Foundation Phase Grade 1 – 3
3. Why indigenous? Exploring different indigenous plants in the Garden through hands-on activities.
4. Conservation starts at home The meaning of reduce, reuse and recycle.
5. Water is life Learning about life in our river systems.
6. Wonders of nature Exploring the wonders of nature through a hands-on practical experience.
7. Life in the leaves Looking at different life forms found in leaves.
Intermediate Phase Grade 4 – 6
8. Biodiversity An in-depth investigation of the biodiversity in the Garden.
9. Trees Discovering various indigenous trees, their importance and uses.
10. Ecology Learning about ecosystems.
11. Water is life A look at the diversity of life in a river, the importance of water and the sustainable use thereof.
12. Useful plants Exploring the uses of indigenous plants.
13. Why indigenous? Exploring various indigenous plants in the Garden through hands-on activities.
Senior Phase Grade 7 – 9
14. Ecology A practical look at food chains and food webs. Looking at different ecosystems in the Garden.
15. Diversity of plants The Garden becomes a walk through time and space as learners review the plant kingdom and the way in which plants have evolved.
16. Plant adaptations A comparison of the adaptations of plants in the forest and semi-desert areas.
FET Phase Grade 10 – 12
17. Water quality studies A practical look at life in a river using the Mini Sass score cards.
18. Biomes Comparison of the different ecosystems within the Walter Sisulu NBG.
19. Useful plants Hands-on activities on how plants are used medicinally, culturally and traditionally.
20. Ecology Principles of ecology.
21. Biodiversity Biological diversity of South Africa.
22. Plants and tourism The importance of plants in tourism.
23. Travel and tourism The Walter Sisulu NBG as a tourist destination.

Enquiries and bookings

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Fax to Email: +27 (086) 428 9356

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