This forms part of the Human Capital Development Programme at the Garden.

Celebration of Environmental Days

We consider celebrating important Environmental Days a very important part of environmental education. Keeping the community informed, aware and involved helps the environment. Environmental days celebrated include but are not limited to:

  • World Wetlands Day in February
  • National Water Week in March
  • International Biodiversity Day in May
  • World Environmental Week in June
  • Arbor Week in September
  • Weed Buster Week in October

All schools are welcome to contact us for advice on how to plan and organise the celebration of the above days or weeks.

Holiday Programmes: 

Holiday Programmes are facilitated only during school holidays, special programmes are developed specifically for school groups, places of safety, home based care, and any community groups who wish to visit the botanical gardens for learning.

Bookings can be made prior to school holidays.

Career Days:

This programme is meant to promote careers in biodiversity to schools at different levels. It is divided into two categories, namely:

School visit careers day: SANBI staff work together with the primary school selected to host the careers day. Both parties need to agree on the date, grade(s) and the number of participating learners. SANBI staff provides all information related to careers and activities that will take place on the day. This day is usually a “dress up” day where learners dress according to different careers.

Career Expo: Career expo is structured for high school learners, it normally takes place in the Botanical Garden, where different high school learners visit the garden on the same day to learn and get exposure to careers in Biodiversity.

Relevant stakeholders join SANBI in exhibiting and interacting with learners, while promoting careers in the field of Biodiversity.

For more information, please contact:

Helen Manamela or Tebogo Mathaba

Tel: +27 (087) 740 3634/ +27 (086) 100 1278

Fax: +27 (086) 428 9356

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