This forms part of the Human Capital Development Programme at the Garden.

Environmental Calendar Days

The Centre conducts awareness raising programmes through the facilitation of learning programmes during the celebration of seven environmental calendar days. Environmental calendar days celebrated are International Biodiversity Day (May), World Environmental Day (June), Climate Change Week (August), National Arbor Week (September), National Weed Buster Day (October), International Wetlands Day (February) and National Water Week (March).

We organise celebrations hosted at the Garden or in the community. During these celebrations we have guest speakers who give talks or presentations related to the specific day/ week we are celebrating. The celebration will also include some action for the good of the environment such as the planting of indigenous trees.

We also organise school learning programmes in the week of a particular environmental calendar day/ week. Schools are invited to visit the Garden for these learning programmes which are linked to the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS).

Holiday Programmes

Holiday programmes are organised during the schools Holidays in March/April, July, September/October and December. Holiday programmes are fun-filled and include art activities. They are presented as day-long activities and booking, at a minimal fee, is essential.

Biodiversity Careers Expo

Life Science and Life Orientation educators are required to teach learners about careers, including biodiversity or environmental careers. Expo’s are organised for High School learners, where they are invited to the Garden to interact with biodiversity professionals. During these visits professionals are requested to expose learners to the different aspects of their jobs, and some do this using the tools of their trade such as microscopes and GPS. Learners are then instructed on what subjects to study in high school if they want a career in the biodiversity sector. This has worked amazingly as we have numerous examples of learners who have joined the biodiversity fraternity through these interventions.

We also out together ‘dress-up’ days for primary schools learners, where they given practical information on specific biodiversity professions, and a Careers Day is held for them to display these skills to the rest of the schools.

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