1. Environmental Theme Days and Weeks 

We consider celebrating important Environmental Days a very important part of environmental education. Keeping the community informed, aware and involved helps the environment. Environmental days celebrated include but are not limited to:

  • World Wetlands Day in February
  • National Water Week in March
  • Plant Conservation Day in April
  • International Biodiversity Day in May
  • World Environmental Week in June
  • Arbor Week in September
  • Marine Week in October
  • World Fisheries Day in November

All schools are welcome to contact us for advice on how to plan and organise the celebration of the above days or weeks. 

2. Holiday Programmes 

Holiday Programmes are facilitated during school holidays. Special programmes are developed based on the group that visits e.g., for school groups, places of safety, home-based care, and any community group who wish to visit the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden.

Bookings can be made prior to school holidays. 

3. Combating Biodiversity Crimes 

The Harold Porter NBG Education Centre organises an annual biodiversity crimes event, The Anti-poaching Run/Walk, to create awareness on the poaching of abalone in the Overberg. Beneficiaries can expect to be educated about biodiversity crimes such as poaching of abalone, etc.

These events are aimed at beneficiaries of different ages varying from children, youth to adults.

4. Communicating the NBA Findings 

Following the release of a National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) report every 5 years; the Centre engages with schools, communities and stakeholders on the state of South Africa’s biodiversity. 

The Key Messages from the 2018 NBA Report include:

o   The types of biodiversity (Ecosystem, Species and Genetic)

o   The importance of biodiversity (benefits)

o   Threats to biodiversity

o   Ecosystem threat status & Ecosystem protection levels

o   South Africa’s biodiversity profile

o   Pressures across realms

o   Protected area management 

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