The Kids in Gardens Programme are offered to school groups as well as other guided groups.

1. The Kids in Gardens Programme (KIG): School groups

The KIG Programme caters for learners from Grades R – 12 and offers curriculum-linked lessons in the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden on a wide range of environmental themes including Biodiversity, Ecology, Global Warming, Water and Education for Sustainability. We aim to raise awareness of the environmental issues facing our communities and develop skills which will enable learners to take responsibility for their own environment.

4.Scientific ivestigation

Please follow this link for details of the themes and lessons:

Environmental educational learning programmes.

Our lessons are facilitated by our experienced team of environmental education officers. The lessons are fun, action-packed and hands-on and offer learners an opportunity to interact with nature in a very personal way as they are encouraged to discover the environment through careful observation, recording and interpretation of data. School teachers, accompanying their groups into the Garden, are exposed to practical activities which can be used in their own school gardens or neighbouring natural areas.

Lessons are also offered to learners with a range of special educational needs. Each lesson is adapted to meet the needs of each specific group.

Special lessons are facilitated in celebration of the Environmental Days/Weeks.

Lessons are offered in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa whenever possible.

Days on which the programme is offered:

Tuesday – Friday, throughout the school year (excluding public holidays)


  • 09h30 – 11h30: Grade R – 2
  • 09h30 – 12h30: Grade 3 – 12

Cost: R12.00 per learner.

Planning and booking your lesson

  • Decide well in advance when a lesson in the Garden is going to be most beneficial to your learners.
  • Contact Eunice Jurgens to book your lesson.

Booking information:

Tel.: +27 (0)282729311
Cell: 0793938730
Email: or

  • A booking form will be sent to you via email. Complete and return the booking form, making sure to indicate your choice of lesson. This confirms your booking.
  • Full payment should preferably be done via EFT or Direct Deposit prior to the date of the lesson – refer to the Booking Form for the banking details – and the proof of payment should be sent to us via email immediately afterwards please. Cash and cheques are accepted on the day of the lesson as well, however electronic payments are preferred. Please note that cheques need to be made out to the South African National Biodiversity Institute.
  • Please ensure that there is at least one educator or adult available to supervise every 10 – 15 learners (or as discussed with the Centre Manager).
  • These accompanying educators and adults participate free of charge and are expected to be with the group for the duration of the lesson.

Please note the following:

  • In hot weather, learners must carry a bottle of water.
  • Learners should bring their own lunch as there is no tuckshop to buy snacks or drinks.
  • Learners will need to eat a snack before entering the Garden for the lesson and have their lunch after the lesson because of the baboons which may be present in the Garden.
  • Please arrive in good time for the start of your lesson.
  • Any specific requirements dependent on COVID-19 related regulations will be indicated on the booking form.

Directions to the garden.

2. Kids in Gardens Programme (KIG): Other Guided Groups

2.1 Youth and Adults Groups

Lessons in the Garden on environmental themes are also offered to youth and adult groups from community and environmental interest groups, tertiary education institutions and partner institutions.

Days on which the programme is offered:

  • Tuesday to Friday during school terms (excluding public holidays)
  • Monday to Friday during school holidays (excluding public holidays)

Times may vary according to the requirements of the group. Usually 3 hours duration.

Cost: R12.00 per person.

Booking information

Contact Eunice Jurgens:
Tel: +27 (0)282729311
Mobile: 0793938730
Email: or

2.2 Holiday Programmes

Special programmes are offered during the school holidays. These include fun learning experiences in the Garden for learners of all ages.

Learners participating in these programmes include, but are not limited to, school groups, various church youth groups, participants in the Department of Social Development’s programmes, etc.

Days on which the programme is offered:

  • Monday to Friday during the school holiday period (excluding public holidays).
  • Times may vary according to the requirements of the group. Usually 3 hours duration.

If you want to find out more about our lessons, please contact Eunice Jurgens, the Senior Environmental Education Officer, on 0282729311.

2.3 Special Programmes

Special lessons are offered to schools and community groups during Environmental Calendar Days and Weeks throughout the year. These include Wetlands Week, National Water Week, Plant Conservation Day, Biodiversity Day, World Environment Week,  Arbor Week and Marine Week. These special programmes could take the form of an event, or it could be a lesson in the garden focusing on the particular calendar day.

If you want to find out more about these special programmes please contact Eunice Jurgens, the Senior Environmental Education Officer, on 0282729311.

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