This forms part of the Human Capital Development Programme at the Garden.

Careers Programme

A High School Career Expo and a Primary School Career Visit are facilitated annually. The former involves selected groups of high school learners interacting with a number of SANBI directorates and units as well as external organisations in a highly structured manner. The aim is for learners to engage with information about a variety of biodiversity careers as well as which university courses to study directly from practitioners. The latter involves primary school learners conducting research on biodiversity careers, developing and eventually presenting small dramas or role-playing illustrating their selected career. This fun-filled, dress-up activity has proven to be greatly successful because the learners realise that they need to maintain certain science subjects into high school if they wish to follow a particular biodiversity career path.

Celebration of Calendar Days

The following environmental days are celebrated in our centre:

  • Wetlands Day

It is celebrated annually in February. Many wetlands are degraded and polluted, we raise awareness of these issues during this week.

  • Water Week

This is celebrated in March annually. Learners and educators are given knowledge about the importance of water conservation.

  • Biodiversity Day

This day is celebrated in May each year. Learners and educators are given a chance to explore the rich biodiversity we have in our Grassland Biome.

  • World Environmental Week

This happens in June every year. We adopt the annual theme chosen by the United Nations and develop lessons around the theme.

  • Arbor Day

This day is celebrated in September each year. Learners and educators are taught about the importance of trees.

  • Weedbuster Week

This happens in October each year. The awareness of alien invasive plants is promoted during this celebration.

One of these calendar days is celebrated as a big event where different stakeholders, communities, educators and learners are involved.

Holiday programmes

Three holiday programmes are offered each year. Fun learning experiences in the garden for learners of all ages and from all groups.


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