1. Environmental Theme Days and Weeks 

The Centre conducts awareness raising programmes through the facilitation of learning programmes during the celebration of environmental calendar days. The celebration of environmental calendar days take place in the Garden or in the community. The following environmental calendar days/weeks are celebrated annually:

  • World Wetlands Day in February
  • National Water Week in March
  • International Biodiversity Day in May
  • World Environmental Week in June
  • Arbor Week in September
  • Weed Buster Week in October

One of these environmental calendar days are celebrated as a big event where different stakeholders, communities, educators and learners are involved. 

2. Holiday Programmes 

Three holiday programmes are offered each year. These are fun learning experiences in the garden for learners of all ages. 

3. Combating Biodiversity Crimes

The combating biodiversity crimes programme aims at educating learners and community members about illegal wildlife and plant trade and how best to prevent it. Biodiversity crimes such as plant poaching, illegal entry into protected areas and illegal trade are being committed, and learners or community members are made aware of the criminality of some of the activities that they may be involved in and their consequences.

4. Communicating the NBA Findings

The National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) report is a primary tool for monitoring and reporting on the state of biodiversity in South Africa. It is used to inform policies, strategies and actions in a range of sectors for managing and conserving biodiversity more effectively. The NBA covers all four realms: Terrestrial, inland aquatic (freshwater), estuarine and marine biodiversity. It addresses the current environmental issues and our Centre uses the information from the NBA report to raise awareness highlighting the threats, strategies and actions that can be adopted in our local communities.

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