1. Environmental Theme Days and Weeks

We consider celebrating important Environmental Days a very important part of environmental education. Keeping the community informed, aware and involved helps the environment. Environmental days celebrated include but are not limited to:

  • World Wetlands Day in February
  • National Water Week in March
  • International Biodiversity Day in May
  • World Environmental Week in June
  • Arbor Week in September
  • Climate Change Week in October

All schools are welcome to contact us for advice on how to plan and organise the celebration of the above days or weeks.

2. Holiday Programmes

Special holiday programmes are run for youth or adult groups during the school holidays. These cater for youth and adults at institutions such as orphanages, places of safety, community-based organisations, etc. The activities of such programmes are fun, enjoyable and educational. The KZN National Botanical Garden provides these programmes during the school holidays.

3. Combating Biodiversity Crimes 

The purpose of this day is to get the society to understand and appreciate the importance of plants and the significance plants have on the environment and for humanity in general. Moreover, to engage the learners, community members, youth groups, traditional healers on the best way to prevent illegal harvesting and poaching of plants in their area respectively. The topic that we focus on is endangered plants and to educate how to conserve them. 

4. Communicating the NBA Findings 

Findings of the National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) is communicated to society through a range of products and awareness-raising opportunities. It seeks to communicate the status of biodiversity in South Africa, pressures and threats as well as solutions and responses. 

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