1. Teacher Development Programme

This programme is focused on offering educators, educators-in-training and education officials’ workshops on biodiversity careers.

Educators are informed about four streams (Science, Business, Arts and Social Sciences) which are linked to biodiversity careers and the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements. Free State NBG works closely with the Department of Education Programme coordinators in arranging these workshops for teachers and subject advisors.

2. Careers programme 

University Careers Expo

The Free State National Botanical Garden Education Centre participates in various university career fairs in the Free State Province. This Expo range from interacting with students, career talks, career presentations, workshops, exhibitions as well as interviews and assessments.

High School Careers Expo

A High School Careers Expo involves selected groups of high school learners interacting with a number of SANBI Directorates and units as well as external organisations in a highly structured manner. The aim is for learners to engage with information about a variety of biodiversity careers as well as which university courses to study directly from practitioners.

Primary School Careers Visit

The Primary School Careers Visit involves primary school learners conducting research on biodiversity careers, developing and eventually presenting small dramas or role-playing illustrating their selected career. This fun-filled, dress-up activity has proven to be greatly successful because the learners realise that they need to maintain certain science subjects into high school if they wish to follow a particular biodiversity career path.

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