1. Teacher Development Programme

Teacher development interactive workshops are conducted for the following topics:


These workshops assist educators in acquiring knowledge pertaining to certain aspects of biodiversity which they have to teach. Educators are assisted in identifying various careers in biodiversity for their learners.

Environmental conservation and sustainable use of resources

These workshops aim to build educators’ knowledge around certain environmental issues and the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Educators are taught how to develop and conduct environmental education lessons on topics relating to their local context.

Climate Change

These workshops assist educators in integrating various aspects of climate change in their learning areas, especially the natural and social sciences. Educators encourage learners to formulate actions to mitigate climate change.

Ad-hoc capacity development workshops

These workshops are conducted with teachers and district education officials to prepare for environmental poster and/or poetry competitions and the celebration of environmental theme days or careers days. All programmes or workshops are updated annually.

2. Careers programme

University Careers Expo

The KwaZulu Natal Botanical Garden Education Centre participates in various university career fairs in the KZN Province where students are exposed to the core activities of SANBI and the different careers which students can embark on in the biodiversity sector as a whole. Various job opportunities within the organization are also shared with the students.

High School Careers Expo

A High School Careers Expo involves selected groups of high school learners interacting with a number of SANBI directorates and units as well as external organisations in a highly structured manner. The aim is for learners to engage with information about a variety of biodiversity careers as well as which university courses to study directly from practitioners.

Primary School Careers Visit

The Primary School Careers visit involves the primary school learners doing research on biodiversity careers, developing and eventually presenting small dramas or role-plays to illustrate their selected career. This fun-filled, dress-up activity has proven to be really successful because the learners realise that they need to maintain certain science subjects into high school if they wish to follow a particular biodiversity career path. The programme is conducted at the selected primary schools.

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