Awareness raising initiatives form part of the Human Capital Development programme at the garden and consist of the following programmes

  • Celebration of calendar days
  • Holiday programmes
  • Career programme

Calendar Days

A minimum of six special calendar days are celebrated with schools. The celebrations take place in the Garden or in the schools. The celebration of these days creates awareness about various environmental topics. Days usually celebrated are:

  • Wetlands Day
  • Water Week/ Day
  • Biodiversity Day
  • Environmental Week/ Day
  • Arbor Day
  • Weed buster Day

Mandela Day is also celebrated.

Holiday Programmes

Holiday programmes are facilitated during school holidays. Groups of learners or community youth members can be accommodated in the Garden for a special environmental programme. Schools or community members can book a date and advise on the programme they wish to participate in by calling our offices. If they are not sure of the programme the office will gladly advise.

Promoting Careers in Biodiversity Conservation in the Intermediate Phase and FET band:

The career programme is structured in two ways:

School visit career day

For the school visit, a higher primary school is selected by the Garden. With the approval of the school a grade is chosen and given activities to plan for the day. Learners are also asked to dress up according to different careers in biodiversity, making the day a very exciting one for them.

Career Expo

The Career Expo is aimed at high school learners. It is usually hosted in the Garden.

For all the above career days, relevant stakeholders are invited and they participate in promoting biodiversity careers. Stakeholders also engage with learners interactively through games, questionnaires, etc.

Contact details

If a school or any organisation wishes to take part in these programmes,

 or Simphiwe Ngwenya can be contacted on:

Tel: + 27 (0)13 752 6504/ + 27 (0)13 757 0505

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