Celebrations of Environmental Calendar Days and Weeks

A minimum of six calendar days/weeks are celebrated with schools either at the Garden or at the schools:

  • Water Day/Week
  • Wetlands Day/Week
  • Biodiversity Day/Week
  • Environment Day/Week
  • Arbor Day/Week
  • Bird Week

Arbor Day at Nuwehoop school for the deaf

Last year we celebrated Biodiversity Day at the Karoo Desert NBG with the participants learning about the wonders of succulents. We are once again planning an exciting programme with local high schools for this month.

Be on the lookout for special programmes:

In June 2016 we will celebrate Environment day; in September 2016 Arbor Day; etc. Book for our special lessons in good time.

Career Programmes

We conduct career programmes at schools and we also showcase biodiversity careers at a careers expo.

Holiday programmes

Holiday Programme at Karoo Desert NBG

Look out for our holiday programmes. They include fun and interactive activities to keep children busy in a productive way during school holidays by educating them about important environmental issues.


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