1. Environmental Theme Days and Weeks

A minimum of six calendar days/weeks are celebrated with schools either at the Garden or at the school:

  • World Wetland Day in February
  • National Water Week in March
  • International Biodiversity Day in May
  • World Environment Week in June
  • Climate Change Week in August
  • Arbor Week in September
  • Weed Buster Week in October

The Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden celebrates the above environmental theme events with school groups, school eco-clubs, non-school eco-clubs, youth groups and adult groups. Each event focus on raising awareness, learning and taking some form of environmental action. The celebrations may involve relevant partnership organisations and stakeholders.

2. Holiday Programmes

Keep an eye out for our holiday programmes. They include fun and interactive activities to keep children busy in a productive way during school holidays by educating them about important environmental issues.

3. Combating Biodiversity Crimes

Our Combating Biodiversity Crimes programme is focused at raising awareness on the biodiversity crimes that take place in and around the Succulent Karoo biome. The celebration targets the community and involves relevant stakeholders and partners.

4. Communicating the NBA Findings

The National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) findings are communicated to the community through community-based events followed by some form of environmental action by the community. The findings of the NBA are also incorporated in our environmental theme days celebrations.

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