The National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act of 2004, states that SANBI must monitor and report regularly to the Minister on:

  • the status of the Republic’s biodiversity
  • the conservation status of all listed threatened or protected species and listed ecosystems;
  • the status of all listed invasive species;
  • the impacts of any genetically modified organism that has been released into the environment, including the impact on non-target organisms and ecological processes, indigenous biological resources and the biological diversity of species used for agriculture;

What we do

SANBI’s work in this regard is diverse, and includes large programmes of work such as SANBI’s Threatened Species Programme, the Invasive Species Programme, the National Biodiversity Assessment and many more. Please use the menu on the left to see more information about these programmes.

Developing a National Biodiversity Monitoring Framework

In partnership with relevant agencies and institutions, SANBI also aims to develop a comprehensive yet pragmatic National Biodiversity Monitoring Framework that is aligned with international biodiversity monitoring and assessment initiatives and commitments, as well as national legislation and policy.  A draft biodiversity monitoring framework has been developed with the aim of linking the high-level biodiversity monitoring in the National Biodiversity Assessment with the wide range of biodiversity-related monitoring projects that exist nationally and internationally. In an attempt to more widely address biodiversity monitoring, and clarify the potential roles and responsibilities of various partners, SANBI is working to finalise and publish the National Biodiversity Monitoring Framework together with a 5 year implementation plan.

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