What we do

  • Support the integration of biodiversity considerations into land use planning and environmental decision-making
  • Develop policies and tools that support better biodiversity management
  • Provide capacity building and awareness raising initiatives for improved land use planning and decision-making at municipal level

Where we work

The Programme has a national footprint, working in partnership with key stakeholders on cross-cutting themes such as land use planning, ecological infrastructure, ecosystem based adaptation, policy and other biodiversity-related aspects. The Programme provides direct support to municipalities that have key biodiversity strategic projects and require guidance and advice in mainstreaming biodiversity efforts and decision making.

Reason for our programme

  • To provide strategic support in the co-ordination of the three tiers of government involved in biodiversity mainstreaming in relation to local government work
  • To provide a platform for dialogue with stakeholders such as consultants, NGOs, CBOs and private organisations involved in the biodiversity sector
  • To provide support to municipalities for the integration and mainstreaming of biodiversity considerations into land use planning and environmental decision making
  • To support the development of policy and tools that improve biodiversity management and land use decision making
  • To disseminate biodiversity information on current trends and case studies that have been generated by programme partners

What we have achieved to date

  • We trained and provided capacity building to municipal officials to integrate biodiversity considerations into land use planning and decision making
  • We developed guidelines, strategies and other tools that support biodiversity management and land use decision making
  • We established networks and created platforms for engagement between municipal officials and other sector stakeholders involved in biodiversity management
  • We disseminated biodiversity information to partners and stakeholders on current trends, recent case studies and developments within the biodiversity and environmental sector

Who we are


  • Director – Biodiversity Mainstreaming: Kamva Qwede
  • Manager – Bioregional Programme Co-ordination Unit: Andile Mangcengeza
  • Biodiversity Mainstreaming & Municipal Support Co-ordinator: Budu Manaka
  • Bioregional Plans Advisor: Siyabulela Kuse
  • Administration: Baanetse Lesaoana
  • Administration: Dulcinea Paulse


Many stakeholders contribute to the success of the Municipal Biodiversity Mainstreaming Programme. These include government departments, non-governmental organisations, managed network partners, donors, civil society organisations, international organisations and others.

The following are some of the key institutional stakeholders:

  • Department of Environmental Affairs
  • Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs
  • ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
  • South Africa Local Government Association
  • South African Cities Network
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • Municipalities

Tel: +27 21 799 8682


Andile Mangcengeza
Ba Anetse Lesaoana
Budu Manaka
Dulcinea Paulse
Kamva Qwede
Siyabulela Kuse

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