Conditions governing the loan of plant specimens from the Compton Herbarium

  1. All loan requests need to be done formally using the letterhead of the institute to which you are affiliated. Supervisors need to apply for the borrowing of material which may be required for study by a student.
  2. All material must be returned no later than the due date specified in the correspondence together with specimen lists that accompany each loan. Loans are made for a period of 1 (one) year only. An extension of the loan may be considered on request.
  3. Please provide the Curator of the NBG with a copy of any publication/s emanating from the study of the loaned material.
  4. Please annotate every sheet with a Determinavit or Confirmavit label with a signature, date, and any relevant comments, using typescript and indelible ink (not ballpoint pen).
  5. All annotations must be made so as not to obscure any writing already on the sheet.
  6. Approval to destructively sample a specimen must be granted by the Curator of NBG, before any portion may be removed. This practice, however, is generally discouraged. All material removed from a specimen must be returned to the sheet after study.
  7. No material may be removed from any herbarium sheet for molecular studies.
  8. Loans must at all times be stored under protective conditions. Sheets must not be bent, folded, or handled in any way likely to damage the specimens.
  9. NBG or SAM must be acknowledged in any publication that emanates from the use of any loaned material.
  10. For their return, loans must be sent by traceable mail, and be carefully packaged to prevent damage in transit, wherever possible, re-using the original packaging.
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