The Threatened Species Programme (TSP) is responsible for producing the  Red List of South African Plants , and the Red List of South African Animals. Citizen Science work including the management of the iNaturalist Platform and the management of the  Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers (CREW) programme  is part of the work of the TSP.

What we do?

  • The TSP is mandated to monitor and report on the conservation status of South Africa’s indigenous plant and animal species. The TSP co-ordinates the collection of information on species, particularly those that have historically received little research and conservation attention, such as reptiles, spiders, freshwater invertebrates and marine fish, through projects involving volunteers from the public, scientists, taxonomists and conservationists from partner institutions across the country. The data collected through these projects are used to assess species’ risk of extinction against the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  • In addition, the TSP co-ordinates and promotes the application of threatened species information in all spheres of biodiversity conservation – from national and international conservation legislation and policy, to conservation planning, protected area selection, protection of threatened habitats, and ex-situ breeding programmes within the SANBI National Botanical Gardens.
  • The Threatened Species Programme also trains other biologists based in neighbouring African countries how to apply the IUCN 3.1. Red List Categories and Criteria in order to ensure that information for species of conservation informs land and sea use decision making processes in these countries also, Building biodiversity knowledge for action in Southern Africa: spatial biodiversity assessment, prioritization and planning in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Malawi project is an example

Important links  

South African National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 Technical Report Volume 1: Terrestrial Realm. South African National Biodiversity Institute

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For more information please contact TSP team.

Domitilla Raimondo, Threatened Species Unit Manager

Tony Rebelo , Senior Specialist Scientist

Ismail Ebrahim, CREW CFR Program Manager

Suvarna Parbhoo, CREW national manager

Dewidine Van Der Colff, Red List Scientist

Hlengiwe Mtshali, Red List Scientist

Vathiswa Zikishe, Eastern Cape Coordinator for red listing and species Assessments

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