What we do

The Biodiversity Information Management Forum (BIMF) is the only national platform dedicated to discussing biodiversity information management issues.

The BIMF brings together key role-players in biodiversity information management to ensure initiatives are aligned, co-ordinated and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

The two to three day annual forum offers opportunities for strategic thinking, innovation, knowledge sharing, training and networking.

Where we work

The BIMF is primarily aimed at people who are involved in mobilising, managing, serving and using biodiversity information. Participants are usually from local, provincial or national government departments, universities, research institutions, museums, conservation bodies and NGOs.

While the primary focus is on South African issues, the forum has been enriched by delegations from African and other countries that have shared their knowledge and expertise and brought an international perspective.

Reason for the forum

The forum aims to:

  • Co-ordinate biodiversity information management initiatives between partner organisations
  • Establish and promote common standards and practices
  • Promote the free flow of data
  • Provide a platform for knowledge sharing
  • Build relevant capacity

What we have achieved

The BIMF was established at a workshop in 2007 to harmonise biodiversity information. The forum has met annually (with the exception of 2011) and has succeeded in developing a networked community of people involved in the biodiversity information field. BIMF presentations and reports are available on the Biodiversity Advisor website.

Who we are

The BIMF is hosted by SANBI’s Biodiversity Information Management Directorate.

Tel.: +27 (0)21 799 8800
Email: BAhelp@sanbi.org.za

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