The National Herbarium is one of the three herbaria within the Biosystematics Research and Biodiversity Collections Department.

National Herbarium Manager:

  • Name: Erich van Wyk 
  • Job title: National Herbarium Manager
  • Main responsibilities: Manager of the National Herbarium
  • Contact details:+27(012) 843 5027
  • E-mail: Erich Van Wyk


Herbarium Administration and General Enquiries:

  • Name: Ms Annamarie Götzel
  • Job title: Herbarium Administration
  • Contact: +27(012) 843 5036
  • E-mail: Annamarie Götzel


Plant Information Services:


Herbarium Loan Services:

  • Name: Mr Alpheus Mothapo
  • Title: Manager – PRE Loans
  • Main responsibilities: Coordinate and liaise with herbaria, museums and academic institutions (local and abroad) on herbarium material required at PRE for research studies and projects.
  • Contact: +27(012) 843 5098
  • E-mail:

Plant Identification & Exchange Services:


Herbarium Specimen Information:

Should you require any herbarium specimen information from PRECIS or Brahms (herbarium specimen databases), please e-mail

Visit to the Herbarium:

Should you require assistance during your visit to the herbaria, please first book an appointment via the Information Officer. Upon your visit ask for the Information Officer at reception, they will then direct you to the relevant wing and staff member to assist you.

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