Suricata is a new sister journal to SANBI’s Strelitzia, and is a peer-reviewed publication that publishes original and applied research such as monographs, revisions, checklists, Red Data Lists, atlases, and Fauna’s of any taxa belonging to Regnum Animalia (the Animal Kingdom).

In the past, some extensive faunal research was published under the SANBI Biodiversity Series. Content of this nature will be more prominently published under the new monograph name, which will highlight the wider range of biodiversity work that SANBI does. The new monograph will therefore provide a vehicle for information that is already considered for the SANBI Biodiversity Series, but doesn’t fall within its framework of submissions (see SANBI Biodiversity Series above). The zoological part of SANBI’s work, in addition to biodiversity information sourced via collaboration and networking, can be more prominently showcased in this dedicated publication series.

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